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Living through more than a year of a global pandemic taught us not to ever take for granted the small but extremely important things in life: shared laughter, hugging our friends and family, a lunch date in our favorite café. We discovered firsthand exactly how much social health and wellness are to be valued, and just how lost and empty we can feel when these opportunities are taken away.

July is Social Wellness Month, and now that vaccinations are eliminating our need to isolate ourselves, it is the perfect chance to make certain seniors have adequate opportunities for socialization.

Advantages of Social Wellness

Studies have reported that people who stay social:

  • Live longer
  • Respond far better to stress
  • Have healthier cardiovascular and endocrine systems
  • Have a more robust immunity
  • And more

On the other hand, those who live a more isolated and secluded lifestyle are at heightened risk for severe health issues – comparable to the dangers linked to obesity, cigarette smoking, and hypertension.

How to Improve Social Health and Wellness in Seniors

If a senior loved one is now accustomed to isolated living and is uncertain about the best ways to enhance socialization, these tips will help:

  • Think of current hobbies and interests, or those your senior loved one might wish to learn more about. Perhaps there has always been a desire to learn to play the piano, speak Spanish, or plant a vegetable garden. Whatever the interest, investigate local opportunities for a class or group for the senior to join to learn a new skill or share an existing one with other people.
  • Gain the dual advantage of physical fitness through joining an exercise group or gym. There are a variety of exercise classes specifically geared towards older adults, allowing for a low-impact workout together with the opportunity to form friendships. Just seek the advice of a doctor for approval first.
  • Find a cause or organization that the older adult is especially passionate about, and check to determine what their volunteer needs are. Seniors can find meaning and purpose along with socialization opportunities while assisting those in need.

How Anthem Home Care Is Available to Help

An in-home caregiving companion, like those employed by Anthem Home Care, is a quick and easy solution to boost senior socialization. Our caregivers are fully trained, experienced, background-checked, and available for as much or as little time as a senior loved one would like for fun activities, conversations, outings, and much more. We are able to provide transportation and accompaniment to social activities for seniors, or just visit with the senior at home on a routine basis.

Contact the experts in senior care in Rockport, Texas and nearby areas any time and learn how we can help a senior in your life stay healthy, social and well. We offer a complimentary in-home consultation at your convenience, so call us today at 361-643-2323.