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Cultivating Strong Social Connections With Senior Companionship

Social wellness is vital to a person’s overall health and wellbeing. As individuals age, opportunities for social connection can decline due to a number of factors, such as loss of mobility, cognitive decline, vision impairment, inability to drive, and changes to overall health. Companion care for seniors can help ensure that older loved ones stay connected as they age to improve both mental and physical health.

What Is Elderly Companion Care?

With the support of senior companionship services, older loved ones can stay socially engaged, mentally stimulated, and active within their communities.

Companion can help seniors in a wide variety of ways, including:

  • Doing enjoyable activities together, such as reading and listening to music together
  • Sharing stories, discussing current events, or friendly conversation
  • Preparing and sharing meals together
  • Shopping for groceries and running errands
  • Playing games, puzzles, and other activities together
  • Providing transportation to doctor’s appointments and social outings
  • Helping with personal care needs
  • Medication reminders
  • Providing support with exercise and taking walks
  • And much more

Anthem Home Care is committed to providing compassionate companion care for seniors to ensure loved ones maintain dignity, independence, and a healthy social life in the comfort and familiarity of home.

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When an older loved one lives alone or at a distance from loved ones, making certain that they maintain an active social life is vital for their mental health.

Anthem Home Care’s elderly companion care services can help. Call us at 361-203-7996 or contact us online to learn more about our senior companionship services in Ingleside, Taft, Aransas Pass, Portland, Rockport, Sinton, and the surrounding communities.

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