A woman faces common caregiving problems as she cares for her elderly father.

Taking care of your aging parents is an extremely rewarding act of love. As you think about the care they provided to you when you were growing up, you now are able to do the same for them. It allows you to take your relationship with your parents to a whole new level.

Having said that, providing care for family members isn’t always a bed of roses. It’s important to be aware of the hurdles you may encounter and to know how to manage them to safeguard your own health and wellness. A few of the common caregiving problems family caregivers face include:

Lack of Support

You may feel as though the bulk of caregiving falls on your shoulders. This can cause you to assume you are solely responsible for your parents’ care, which is not only overwhelming, but can cause frustration and hurt feelings in other relationships. No one person can effectively care for another by themselves. Attempting to achieve this places you at risk for depression, burnout, and other serious health problems, and also impacts the level of care your parents receive.

Lack of Privacy

Your physical and emotional privacy can both be affected if you’re sharing living space with your parents. This is particularly true if one or both of your parents have dementia, which may cause them to feel lost or fearful when you step out of the room. Similarly, your parents may struggle to maintain privacy while in your care.

Lack of Sleep

Interrupted sleep can stem from an older adult whose circadian clock has shifted, causing them to waken more often during the night. It may be the result of stress and worry. If dementia is a factor, sundowning and wandering may cause you to stay on alert. Sufficient sleep is essential to your ability to provide the very best care for your parents, as well as for your own physical and emotional wellness.

How Can You Overcome These Common Caregiving Problems?

Fortunately, there is one simple solution to all of these concerns. Anthem Home Care’s in-home caregivers are available to partner with you to ensure the best care for your parents and a healthier life balance for you. Taking time away from caregiving isn’t only an excellent idea; it is essential.

Our respite care services allow you to take necessary regular breaks from caregiving for your own self-care, while enriching the lives of your parents. We provide additional opportunities for socialization and engagement in fulfilling activities, along with the necessary support to promote safety and comfort—so you can have peace of mind in knowing your parents are in the very best of hands while you’re away.

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